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Yes. You. Are. There are some really amazing changes coming to the blog. It’s getting  facelift and in the mean time, I’m going to take a small break from writing. But don’t worry more amazing sustainable fashion is to come. Think of this like how when your favorite show ( The Walking Dead, Wendy Williams, Modern Family) season comes to an end and you are faced with re-runs until it’s return. That’s kind of how things are going to work here. I will keep you posted on all of the new changes to come and I’m going to reminisce on some of my favorite blog posts. As most of you may know by now, I am pregnant… I kid I kid. I am not pregnant! I REPEAT I am not pregnant! I just wanted to see if you were awake out there. 🙂 Sometimes I think that I am truly writing to myself on this blog. But I really desire to connect with you guys! My blog is making it’s transition to a sustainable fashion blog and I might find ways to incorporate some beauty and fitness in too! 😉 I really want to hone in on sustainable fashion because I love to see how companies are creating new and innovative ways to protect our environment and to help people. It is a worthy cause and its a way to incorporate something I love (STYLE) with a philanthropic cause.

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10 Reasons I Love This Spliced Midi Skirt from ASOS

Spliced Skirt ASOS

  1. It has a high waist. My favorite!

ASOS spliced skirt

2. The slits make it very convenient if I need to suddenly break into a sprint!

ASOS spliced skirt

3. I can sit like this and all my lady bits are securely covered. (I have really bad resting bi*$% face. I Blame genetics.)

ASOS spliced skirt

4. One slit is sexy. Two is just plain STUPID! Stupid sexxy that is!

ASOS Spliced skirt

5. The conservative length makes it work appropriate.

ASOS spliced skirt

6. I can climb trees without feeling restricted. WIN!

ASOS spliced skirt

7. The length makes me look so prim and proper.

ASOS spliced skirt

8.When the wind blows, just the right amount of leg shows.

ASOS spliced skirt

9. I look like an absolute BOSS in it!

10. It’s on sale for $12.95!



SPLICED MIDI SKIRT: $12.50 ASOS *Sustainable Pick*

NINA FISHBONE STOCKINGS: $22 Swedish Stockings *Sustainable Pick*


LACE UP PUMP: $59.97 Chinese Laundry

BRACELET: $50 KENDRA SCOTT [Similar Style Linked]


BAG: I’ve had it for years, never gets old. 



Fifty Shades of Grey OOTD


So confession. The skirt is actually black, but it has a greyish tint in person and in photos. It’s what I call an ‘ashy black’. It has a splice detail that is super sexy yet still demure. I bought it from ASOS. And guess what! ASOS has a sustainable fashion line! Yep! That’s not a typo. Several actually. I’d never shopped there before (confession number 2)  until I discovered their little secret.You can browse their entire eco-fashion selection here. Prepare to be blown away by the variety of ethical products they carry. It’s better than my other fave H&M! In the coming weeks I’ll be sharing my favorite Fall styles from ASOS’s eco brands. I’m really excited because I know you are going to love them. And if you are still looking for the perfect X-mas gift, I highly recommend you check out ASOS eco brands sale!

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So about the outfit above…

  1. ASOS High Neck Sweater – This soft grey sweater is a two-fer, with a twin in a nude blush color. They are made from recycled yarn and I love them. They will keep me warm in the winter, and the neutral colors pair well with all my other winter basics. Can’t beat a two for one package, these basic v-neck long sleeves are a must as well. I love this striped sweater as well.
  2. ASOS Soft Midi Skirt with Splices – Love this skirt. Runs very small in the waist. I’m a size two and I had to ship mine back for a four.So if you don’t have a super tiny waist, I suggest going up one size.
  3. Made Triangle Pendant Necklace – This brand is also from ASOS. Made produces minimalist jewelry while maintaining sustainable practices. This silver one is on sale too!
  4. About MADE:” Made is a fashion accessories brand, which creates beautifully unique, hand-made product in their African workshop. Made teaches new skills and provides sustainable opportunities for all our Kenyan employees.”
  5.   Chinese Laundry Biggest Lace-up Pumps– My go-to shoe for Fall! Plus it’s on sale!
  6.  Rhinestone Purse I’ve had for years but here’s a similar style I love!


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S.t.e.f. Trunk Show @ Kiki Nass Austin, Texas


Stef Skirt and crop top

On May 19th, 2016 I had the honor of meeting one of Austin’s local designers making waves in the sustainable fashion industry. S.t.e.f. is designed, painted, and handcrafted right here in Austin, Texas by designer Stepanie Montes and her seamstress Helen Vu.

Stef and her seamstress
Pictured: S.t.e.f Designer Stephanie Montes and her lead seamstress Helen Vu.


The event had a great turn out thanks to POM PR! Kiki Nass served delicious cocktails and pizza courtesy of Cantine.

Party vibes
Party guests mingle, shop, and enjoy bites and drinks courtesy of Cantine.


Party vibes 2

While Stephanie was very busy mingling with other shoppers, bloggers, and magazine editors, she took some time to say a few words about her line. Stephanie acknowledged the lack of attention on sustainable fashion in the fashion industry but more specifically stylish sustainable fashion.


Stef standing next to her trunk show
Pictured: Stephanie Montes wearing her own designs and showcasing her trunk show.


Her current collection reminds me of morocco and the Mediterranean. With ombre hand painted blue details on her skirts and clutches. And bright whites with crystallized druzy gems and laser cuts. I’d describe her line as clean and modern with a bright touch. The geometric patterns and a-lines pair well with the blue and white color scheme. I’m eager to see her expand into more apparel options as well as colors (I don’t do so well with white). While the pieces are handcrafted, they are well made. I only found minor details that distracted from an overall well made collection.

Stef Hand Dyed clutches

Stef Label closeup

Stef laser cut bracelet collection

Stef Bracelets

S.t.e.f by Stephanie Montes is made with materials ranging from 100% organic cotton, hemp, and re-purposed ‘vegan’ leather. I am excited to share one of Austin’s own eco-fashion pioneers and I am looking forward to more from this designer.

You can find S.t.e.f at Kiki Nass in Austin, Texas: 1100 S. Lamar Blvd.

Shop Now Kiki Nass


Brand Spotlight Bella Ha Shoes

The first thing that caught my attention about Bella Ha shoes are the materials used to make the shoes. More specifically the sustainably sourced salmon skin leather. Yuck? You say?? Nope these shoes don’t come with a fishy odor but they do come with an amazing story and purpose.

Bella Ha Shoe box overhead shot

The Khanh Hoa Collection

Bella Ha Shoe BoxBella Ha Texture CloseeupBella Ha Shoes in Caphe Sua Da Bronze

With six different colors to choose from, Bella Ha is turning your average flip flop into a true durable statement piece. From the luxurious tanned (chrome-free) salmon skin straps of the shoes to the Italian soletto foot pad, this isn’t your ordinary foam thong. And my absolute favorite part, the solar suitcases that are provided to areas in need because of YOUR purchase.

What’s a Solar Suitcase?

Solar suitcases are a portable energy source for areas around the globe with low access to electricity. The recipients of theses suitcases are health clinics that serve women and children, allowing women to give birth in light. On each strap of these sandals, the latitude and longitude of the area where the suitcases are helping provide power.

Bella Ha Longitude and Latitude shots

These sandals are super durable and will last you much longer than you typical summer thongs. They are the perfect pair for a beach get away and come in a variety of colors (check out their Instagram). I will definitely be wearing these pretty babies to run errands while looking chic!


BRAND SPOTLIGHT: Zero Maria Cornejo

Brand Spotlight

Today’s brand is a wonderful one indeed! The one word that describes this fashion line is FREE. With flowy fabrics that lay gently on a woman’s silhouette, this line is not only sexy but très chic.

Who: Clothing brand founded in 1998 by Chilean born designer Maria Cornejo

What: A sophisticated clothing line with fans like actress Tilda Swinton and Michelle Obama.

Where: 70% of products are produced in New York City. Handbags and Shoes are made in Italy.

Why: Great brand run by women seeking to collaborate with other women globally. Zero + Maria Cornejo uses sustainable fabrics whenever they can.


Brand Spotlight Zero Maria Cornejo



  1. Nemic Tunic Dress//2.Loop Lambskin Leather Belt//3. Fringe Mylla Skirt //4. Laser-Cut FAAS cutout booties



Brand Spotlight : VEJA

Brand Spotlight

In an effort to provide more information on eco-fashion and the sustainable fashion movement, I will be regularly highlighting my favorite eco-fashion brands. From shoes, handbags, and apparel you will continue to find more sources of eco-fashion. And of course, I’ll include my own curated list of my top picks from the brands that I know you will love! My vision is to prove that eco fashion can be just as, if not more stylish than typical fast fashion. Ideally, the masses will flock towards brands that not only look great on the bodies, but are also having a significant impact on the social welfare of human beings all over the world and the environment. This is not a TREND. #THISISHAPPENING #POWERINTHEPOCKET

I will provide you with more fashion and beauty with a green thumb. I’m searching for brands that sustainably source their materials (cotton, leather, polyester, etc.). I’m searching for brands made in the U.S.A., I’m searching for brands that donate a percentage of their profits to a great cause and,  I’m searching for brands that up cycle their materials. Are you getting the gist of where I am going with this?  Most of all I’m looking for brands that are stylish! As with all subjects of controversy or heavy terminology, I encourage all my readers to do their own research as well. And see what they are up to! Links will be provided in all blog posts.

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To kick this thing off, I am highlighting the sneaker brand VEJA. Haven’t heard of them? Not surprising. VEJA does Zero advertising :::: gasp:::: and hold Zero back stock. This means that production is tightly controlled and orders must be placed six months in advance! This is all in an effort to reduce CO² emissions. Really guys, go check out their website. It provides extensive information on the production of their marvelous kicks!

VEJA Sneakers


ESPLAR Leather Velcro Mid Trainers// BAHIA ARCADE Laced Sneakers