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Yes. You. Are. There are some really amazing changes coming to the blog. It’s getting  facelift and in the mean time, I’m going to take a small break from writing. But don’t worry more amazing sustainable fashion is to come. Think of this like how when your favorite show ( The Walking Dead, Wendy Williams, Modern Family) season comes to an end and you are faced with re-runs until it’s return. That’s kind of how things are going to work here. I will keep you posted on all of the new changes to come and I’m going to reminisce on some of my favorite blog posts. As most of you may know by now, I am pregnant… I kid I kid. I am not pregnant! I REPEAT I am not pregnant! I just wanted to see if you were awake out there. 🙂 Sometimes I think that I am truly writing to myself on this blog. But I really desire to connect with you guys! My blog is making it’s transition to a sustainable fashion blog and I might find ways to incorporate some beauty and fitness in too! 😉 I really want to hone in on sustainable fashion because I love to see how companies are creating new and innovative ways to protect our environment and to help people. It is a worthy cause and its a way to incorporate something I love (STYLE) with a philanthropic cause.

So you! Yes you! Reading this post, please share this with a friend and follow my blog because MYBROWNSPARKLEZ.COM will be the premiere destination on learning how to sustain(ify) your heart and your wardrobe. Yes I said sustainify and I don’t care if it’s not a real word.  So click subscribe at the bottom of the screen! Also, take time to check me out on my other social media channels. You can find me on Instagram via @mybrownsparklez and on Twitter via @Mz_keenah. I L-O-V-E engaging with you guys and I look forward to unveiling the new blog and getting your feedback! In the meantime, what would you like to know more about sustainable fashion? Drop me your questions in the comments sections below and I promise I will get back to you and I may even dedicate a blog post to your question!

Thank you so much for your support and kindness! 

Brand Crush: Swedish Stockings

olivia black hips in retro filter

The world’s first eco-friendly hosiery line will keep your legs looking sexy this fall season. I discovered this brand on Instagram and knew I wanted to feature them on the blog. Stockings and tights are things we pay little attention to in regards to their environmental foot print. But they are petroleum based product and the industry is a huge player in environmental damage in the name of fashion. I can’t count the number of pairs I’ve bought over the years. They are cheap and easy to come by. Swedish stockings will change the way you think about your leggings fetish.

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both stockings in packaging

Each pair is made from 90% recycled yarn, their factories are solar powered, and they purify all water used during the production of the product before sending it back out into the environment. This zero waste production is the wave. So in essence, Swedish stocking are the clams of the fashion ocean. Taking in waste and producing an invaluable and pearl of a product. And I absolutely love the stockings.

If you are purchasing from the U.S. you can expect the line to run smaller. I’m a U.S. Size 2 and the medium pair fit me just right. They are called stockings, but I feel they are more like tights with a thicker feel and less sheer. This means they are not as easy to snag, and they will last you much longer than your typical run of the mill stocking.

olivia legs together retro filterlegs crossed in olivia with retro filterleg extended retro filter

The Basic Olivia Stocking in Black

fishnets thigh gap retro filterleg kick back in fishnet retro filterfishnet texture closeup retro filter

The patterned look, Nina Fishbone Stocking

fishnets and heels retro filter

Shop The Look:

Olivia Black Stockings also comes in cool navy color and Nina Fishbone Patterned Stocking

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I wear my pajamas to work, you should too!

top shop close up

A few seasons ago, Rihanna began wearing her pajamas out and about. Don’t tell me why. Maybe the girl was too tired to find something more appropriate to put on. I’m a huge fan of wearing slip dresses during the day time because I love silk. It’s such a feminine and sexy look. I don’t care if it’s meant for the bedroom. As long as its an appropriate length and isn’t too provocative I’ll wear it out. That’s why when I spotted this Top Shop silk pajama top, I knew I had to have it.

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It’s 100% silk (don’t do polyester it makes you sweat) and looks great paired with a classic pencil skirt.

booty pop in top shophand on waist in top shoptop shop eye closedtop shop fierce ony tail blowing

flowers (5)


Starting from Top Left to Right


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You Need These Shoes For Your Fall Wardrobe

Untitled design

Can you tell I’m excited about Fall fashion? I’ve been having so much fun looking at magazines and blogs and choosing the trends I like and the ones I’ll stay away from. Surprisingly though, I didn’t have to spend much time on the shoes portion because they pretty much came to me!



Two months ago I bought these perfect little flats( booho! they’ve already sold out! But they have a similar style here!) because I knew they’d be my go to Fall flat. But I still needed a great fall heel or boot. I did boots last year so I knew I’d probably want to do something different. Maybe something strappy… And Black! And what do you know, these perfect lace up stacked heels came calling my name.

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leg kick back in fishnet retro filter

Both shoes are from Chinese Laundry and they are really affordable. After my recent success with the brand, I decided to share my favorite fall shoes from Chinese Laundry with you guys! I hope you find your perfect pairing with one of these pretties!

Chinese Laundry Jingle

“Jingle” By CL

CL Olinda Lace D'orsay Pump

“Olinda Lace D’Orsay Pump” By CL

On sale for less than $40!

CL Touched Micro Suede Wedge Pump

“Touched Micro Suede Wedge Pump” By CL

chinese laundry the biggest shoe

“Biggest Lace-up Pump” By CL

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What Summer Trends to leave behind this Fall!

The changing of the seasons is approaching! And with the change, it’s time to stow away (and even toss or donate) these trends in favor of more fall appropriate ones. Admit it! You are so over these trends as much as I am!

Close up on clutch

Pom Poms are going to have to take a seat for awhile. Unless you get funky with them like I did in this fun D.I.Y. The key is staying away from a beach vibe and going straight for artistic.

Top Shop Palm print Slip Dress

As much as I love them, the palm prints have to go. Trust me, I’m sad too! This was one of my favorite motifs. See you next summer!

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Trends I can't Stand

Obligatory pineapple picture. ‘Nuff said!

What else do you think needs to go as we move into fall fashion season? Please comment below! I love hearing from you guys!

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Brand Crush // Reformation


Reformation (1)


Today I’m spotlighting the eco-friendly brand Reformation. I absolutely love this brand and it is one of the most stylish eco-friendly fashion lines I’ve come across to date. Not only is everything on trend, but it is also ultra femme. Even if it wasn’t an eco-friendly clothing line, I would still buy their clothes. I’ve picked some of my fall favorites and I know you will absolutely love the picks! Just try not to go crazy on your credit card. ; )


Float away in these sexy frocks !Soft pastels and floral prints keep the romance in the air.


From Left to Right Starting from the Top Row

Amalia Dress $184 // Huntington Dress $139 // Robinson Dress $152 // Winslow Dress $268

flowers (4)

Oh so soft and touchable textures. Love the way they feel on your skin.


From Left to Right Starting from the Top Row

Evie Alpaca Sweater $159 // Amberly Dress $152 // Bonilla Skirt $174 // Shaylin Dress $218

flowers (2)

Classic, Vixen, Mystique


From Left to Right Starting from the Top Row

Gloria Bodysuit $54 // Eldridge Top $117 // Amador Jumpsuit $71 // Brixton Coat $128

Re-Create These 3 Trends for Under $20

Statement Choker

As you very well may know, chokers were big during the Summer and have become a festival wear must-have (along with fringe and cool bohemian hats). Personally, I’m more excited about wearing chokers during the Fall. Why? You ask. Well as we head into Fall and Winter, chokers are going to get more bold! That’s right! Big, Bolder, and more Gaudy, which makes it the perfect D.I.Y Project.

gold lace choker side view



Statement Chokers = $15 or less

Supplies to Purchase:

½ yard of Lace Trim in two styles you LOVE (can be found at Hobby Lobby or Fabric Store)

Velcro strips

Dangling Pendants with jump ring already attached (Check the sales! I purchased mine on sale for $2.40!!)

Pearl Beads (if your pendant is made for adding additional beads)

2 in. headpins if needed *see photo (silver or gold to match the pendant you purchased)

lace trim

Equipment Needed

These are tools you shouldn’t need to purchase if you have them lying around the house. Crafters equipment.

Hot Glue Gun


E6000 Glue



Measuring Tape

black lace choker in the making

glueing on velcro strips



  • With measuring tape, measure the circumference of your neck. To that circumference add about 1/4 a centimeter. This allows space for correcting errors. You’d rather your strip be too long than too short. You can cut off extra but you can’t add back if you cut too short.
  • Cut your lace strip to the length that you measured.
  • When applying your pendant. Measure to the center point of your lace strip. Open the jump ring on your pendant and insert it into an opening in the lace. Close the jump ring.
  • With your hot glue gun, glue thin strips of Velcro on to the ends of your lace strip. This will be how you put it on. Double check before gluing the strips that they are on the right side of your choker and that it hasn’t twisted.

These chokers make great gifts and are fun to personalize. You can purchase one if you are not into DIY.  Click Here to visit my storefront!

gold choker in gift box

Statement Clutch

wearing pom pom bag

I had the idea for making this clutch because I walked past the pom pom isle in Hobby Lobby, and I thought wouldn’t be cool if….. you know the rest. Needless to say, I am very happy with the finished product. I anticipate wearing this bag/clutch on days when I’m wearing solid colors, dressed casual, or otherwise need a fun statement piece to keep my outfit from looking drab. You can buy the pompoms in any color you like. I tried to stick to Fall and Winter friendly colors, red, black, brown, dark green, with small pops of pastels and yellow.

Statement Clutch = = $17 or less!

suede purse and pom poms scattered

Supplies to Purchase:

Poms Poms 1 bag of small and 1 bag of medium sized (multicolored or the colors of you choosing)

1 bag of Large Circle Sequins ( color of your choosing)

An inexpensive envelope bag (H&M has some or $9.99)

pom pom bag in the making
In the process!

Equipment Needed:

Hot Glue Gun


This bag is so simple to make because it requires  your own personal creativity. There is no rhyme or reason to placing the pompoms. Some pointers though would be to keep an even distribution of small and medium pom poms. Also don’t use too many sequins. They melt with the hot glue so only use a small amount of glue. Glue the pom poms on the edges of the sequins to help secure them in place.  Have fun with it and don’t overthink it!

holding pom pom bag


Faux Fur Slip-on Sandals


Ok, I know what you might be thinking. WTF? Yes, I will be rocking these babies all throughout Fall. I’ve had the idea for a while, and I’ve now brought it to life and I absolutely love them! They are quite elegant. And you can make your very own for under $20!

wearing fur slides seafoam filter

Click the image above or here to watch m D.I.Y video for these ultra chic slip-ons. Yep I’m on YouTube Yall! Go Subscribe!!