Metallic Top Won’t Stop


As you can probably tell by now, I am absolutely loving this metallic crop top that I scored at H&M. It’s only $4.99 and its a simple closet piece that can spice up any outfit. I really like pairing it with fun highwaist skirts. The black skirt I’ve had for years and I orignally bought it at Forever 21 (one of the few pieces that I still have from that store). My fishbone stockings are from Swedish stockings an awesome sustainable stockings line that really makes transitioning my skirts into fall and winter super br(easy)! Use my code: Mybrownsparklez for 15% off your order at Swedish Stockings! And of course my favorite lace up pumps from Chinese Laundry. Gotta love em!


Basic White Button Down


That moment you discover that your local park is the best place to take photos. I wore this look to work the other day (minus the hat and vest) and I totally slayed it. There’s nothing basic about this outfit. But this basic white button down will take you places. Its’s a closet essential that can carry you from work, a day running errands, or a night out on the town! This style sold out really fast!  It’s a truly versatile closet piece that every woman needs in er wardrobe. If not two!



10 Reasons I Love This Spliced Midi Skirt from ASOS

Spliced Skirt ASOS

  1. It has a high waist. My favorite!

ASOS spliced skirt

2. The slits make it very convenient if I need to suddenly break into a sprint!

ASOS spliced skirt

3. I can sit like this and all my lady bits are securely covered. (I have really bad resting bi*$% face. I Blame genetics.)

ASOS spliced skirt

4. One slit is sexy. Two is just plain STUPID! Stupid sexxy that is!

ASOS Spliced skirt

5. The conservative length makes it work appropriate.

ASOS spliced skirt

6. I can climb trees without feeling restricted. WIN!

ASOS spliced skirt

7. The length makes me look so prim and proper.

ASOS spliced skirt

8.When the wind blows, just the right amount of leg shows.

ASOS spliced skirt

9. I look like an absolute BOSS in it!

10. It’s on sale for $12.95!



SPLICED MIDI SKIRT: $12.50 ASOS *Sustainable Pick*

NINA FISHBONE STOCKINGS: $22 Swedish Stockings *Sustainable Pick*


LACE UP PUMP: $59.97 Chinese Laundry

BRACELET: $50 KENDRA SCOTT [Similar Style Linked]


BAG: I’ve had it for years, never gets old. 



Winter Basics from ASOS Eco-edit


These high-neck sweaters from ASOS (eco-edit) are my faves right now. They are in neutral colors that pair perfectly with most of my Winter wardrobe. They are fitted and soft and I’ll for sure get plenty of wear out of these. Best of all they come in packs of two! I find that one of my major challenges as a  sustainable blogger is finding affordable ethical/eco fashion. There are so many great brands out there now (and more popping up every minute) but the price points don’t always fit everyone’s budget. It makes me so happy to find affordable sustainable fashion because then I can share it with you guys! Like this boyfriend sweater that’s on sale for $18 which is also from their eco-edit.

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As we approach 2017, expect to see more and more sustainable brands featured on the blog. My goal is to only have sustainable brands on the site by 2017. This means that even if I am wearing something that’s not from a sustainable brand, I won’t post a link to it. I want to use my blog as a platform to showcase only those companies and brands that are doing good things in the world. If you are new to visiting my blog and want to better understand my personal mission, you should definitely read my post What’s the Deal with Eco- Fashion? It breaks down what ethical, sustainable, eco fashion means to me. And why I have decided to focus on this topic for a blog. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. I love reading comments on my blog. Good and bad. It lets me know that someone out there is listening. It lets me know what you are interested in. And I am happy to converse about the topic. Are you an eco-fashionista? What are your favorite brands? Drop your instagram handle in the comment box. I want to connect with you stylish eco-ladies out there!


Much LovE!!


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