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Mybrownsparklez is a style blog dedicated to showcasing the BEST in ethical and eco-friendly fashion. All apparel featured on this blog are chosen by me, styled by me,  and are my own personal fashion tastes and preferences. That being said, collaborations with ethical and eco-friendly fashion brands are welcomed on the site.


In order to cover the costs of running the site and to help me with growing the site into other areas,  I feature sponsored content as well as affiliation links (I recieve a small commission from purchases and clicks on these links). All sponsored content will be labeled as such, alongside the name of the brands, companies, or creatives I worked with (We are all in this together!). My compensation for sponsored content does not detract from me providing my honest opinions about the clothing, jewelry, accessories featured. I reserve the right to choose whom I collaborate with. If you have any questions, feel free to email me

For  inquiries please contact me at