Patch Perfect! The Chic Way to Wear Patches


About two months ago I posted a D.I.Y project about how to make patchwork denim. Now it seems patches are popping up everywhere! I’m seeing them on jackets, jeans, and most recently my cute bag (pictured above). I love how easy and inexpensive this trend is to re-create. For my looks, I bought most of my patches thrift or recycled. Blue Velvet has some great patches, and is a local thrift shop here in Austin, Texas. I also recommend perusing Austin Creative Reuse for the cheapest craft items.

If you aren’t into thrifting ( you will be soon) I’ve rounded up my favorite patches to pin all over your bags, jackets, and jeans. And for you D.I.Y.’ers, check out my YouTube video below!


  1. Logophile Banana Patch $12
  2. Indigo Rein Indigo Rein Patched Destructed Jeans $58
  3. Logophile Emoji Patch $12
  4. Logophile Rose Patch $12
  5. Logophile Squad Banner $12
  6. Logophile Lipstick Pacth $12
  7. Sunset + Spring Denim Jacket $108
  8. ILY Couture Flannel $62

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