What Summer Trends to leave behind this Fall!

The changing of the seasons is approaching! And with the change, it’s time to stow away (and even toss or donate) these trends in favor of more fall appropriate ones. Admit it! You are so over these trends as much as I am!

Close up on clutch

Pom Poms are going to have to take a seat for awhile. Unless you get funky with them like I did in this fun D.I.Y. The key is staying away from a beach vibe and going straight for artistic.

Top Shop Palm print Slip Dress

As much as I love them, the palm prints have to go. Trust me, I’m sad too! This was one of my favorite motifs. See you next summer!

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Trends I can't Stand

Obligatory pineapple picture. ‘Nuff said!

What else do you think needs to go as we move into fall fashion season? Please comment below! I love hearing from you guys!

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