BamBe Bamboo Earth Friendly T-Shirts!

When I saw that BamBe Bamboo was looking for Ambassadors i jumped on board to support another Earth Friendly brand.

So, why bamboo?
• Bamboo is watered naturally, unlike cotton plantations which require huge amounts of watering,
• Bamboo produces around 10 times more fiber per acre than cotton,
• Bamboo reaches full height in months and full maturity in 3 to 4 years,
• Bamboo grows back after harvesting,
• Bamboo can be grown on steep terrain typically unusable for other purposes,
• Bamboo is bio-degradable,
• Bamboo is grown pesticide and fertilizer free.

For every purchase BamBe donates $1 to the Eden project which plant 10 trees on your behalf!

You can learn more about BamBe and their mission here!

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