The Perfect LWD (Litte White Dress)

Lately, I’ve been giving white a go. I recently posted about my first pair of white denim jeans, and I absolutely love them! They still have them available in black in sizes 4 ,6 ,8 ,10 ,12 ! Grab them now they are only $9.99-19.99. Such a steal!

My next venture? That perfect white dress. I love dresses and I actually love white. It’s such a clean and crisp color, like black, and is so flattering on darker skin tones. I have always been afraid of getting it dirty. Anytime I wear white, I have to be sure to carefully pull it over my head to avoid getting my makeup on it. And then there’s the little stains and spills that show up throughout the day. This is why I have avoided the color.

This little bohemian number is perfect for those hot summer days! It can be worn casual with sandals or dressed up with heels for a night out!

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H&M Conscious Chiffon Dress in White $14.99 // H&M 3- Pack Belts Narrow Belts $12.99

Restricted Kad Slip on Heeled Sandal still available in size 9 & 10, and Black, Camel, or Khaki! These are my favorite heels they go with pretty much everything! Only $39.97!



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