Raven + Lily Local Sustainable Fashion

Hey there guys!

Today’s post is all about my new discovery Raven + Lily.  I found this gem a few weeks ago online. I didn’t even realize the store was based in Austin, how convenient!  I’m so glad that I can find eco-friendly apparel and accessories in my own city. And I’m so happy to share my finds with you.

Located at 2406 Manor Rd Austin, TX, United States

You’ll find handmade jewelry and eclectic bohemian chic statement pieces at Raven + Lily. Leather handbags, home pieces, and delicious smelling soaps and candles. The store is small and features fabulous finds. The price range is mid to high with most of the jewelry starting at $40 or more. 

I recently featured some jewelry from Raven + Lily in my recent post Eco Fashion for a Spring closet overhaul.

This soap smelled so amazing I had to snag it!



Raven + Lily: No Nasties top on sale now for $24


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