Eco-Fashion For a Spring Closet Overhaul

How many people listed conservationism or living green as one of their 2016 resolutions? I definitely did. And this has been an on going effort. Let’s be honest, our society is not really designed to benefit the environment. This can make the shift a little more daunting and uncomfortable than it needs to be. Since late 2015, I have been searching for new amazing brands to purchase from that have made it their mission to source their materials in a sustainable way regarding human health and environmental friendliness. I’ve even incorporated some eco-fashion pieces into my wardrobe! And now, I am happy to present even more incredible eco-fashion just in time for your Spring closet overhaul!


bohemian chic eco fashion

Shop the Bohemian Eco-Fashion Spread:

H&M Conscious V-neck top SOLD OUT Similar Style//Traders Arrow Earrings//Muzungu Sisters Sicilian Pompom Tote//ASOS Maxi Dress// Target Mossimo Tote

Kuta’s One world: Petal Shift Dress// Perfect Poncho SOLD OUT Similar Style !!//Myan Inspired Dress// Daisy Short// Embroidered Ibiza Dress


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Sexy Eco fashion

Shop the Sexy Eco-Fashion Spread:

Urban Renewal Remade Dress// H&M Conscious Dress// Raven + Lily Earrings// William B Eco Suede Shorts

AMOUR VERT: Zamora Skirt// Agnes Tank// Chanel Skirt


Elegant Eco Fashion

Shop the Elegant Eco-Fashion Spread:

H&M Conscious: Sleeveless Jumpsuit// Sleeveless Dress

Trader’s Gold Empire Earrings

Kuta’s One World: Aztec Maxi Dress// The Calla Dress SOLD OUT Similar Style!

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