Dark Spots Begone! Flawless Skin Is Achievable!

*UPDATE 2/26/2016 Please read my most recent post on the Jan Marini Skin Mangament System, I’ve had such dramatic results in the short amount of time that I have been using it, it makes me regret spending money on all the other skin care products.

Clear blemish free skin is my idea of a beautiful face. We can’t control our features, but we do have some control over the health and condition of our dermis (skin). Healthy skin begins with a balanced diet, plenty of water, and an effective skin care regime. But what happens when mother nature throws a couple of genetic wrenches at you? You know like hyperpigmentation due to a darker complexion, common with African Americans such as myself. And what about ingrown hairs? I mean women aren’t supposed to have hairs on their faces besides maybe their side burns and eyebrows! WRONG! I’m going to fess up to a few stray strands in less than appealing places, but I won’t let them detract from my beauty! No way! There are ways for us (and it’s more women than you think) women and men with skin challenges to deal and OVERCOME!  So if you suffer from dark marks associated with acne, ingrown hairs (folliculitis), freckles, etc, read on for ways to cope.


I’d first like to preface this with a statement that I am not a doctor, esthetician, or a dermatologist. Just a simple Texas girl who likes to do tons of research on how to cure simple ailments through natural and safe topical methods. Of course I’d recommend speaking with a dermatologist for serious skin issues.

Okay, confessions time! I suffer from a often overlooked condition called Folliculitis. This is when hair follicles get infected and cause small inflamed pustules that look like pimples. I’ve gotten a few on my face before, as I have a few stray hairs and my sideburns can sometimes cause these little pimples to form. It’s embarrassing! But with a vigilant skincare regimen which includes washing my face before bed always, occasional face peels, and healing clay masks, I have been able to turn my once acne prone skin, into a beautiful and clear canvas. It’s taken years of learning what works for my skin, but I am here! Now I’m left with the aftermath that is small craters from cystic acne and dark spots from plucking hairs & popping the pimples. 😞


First of, if you suffer from stray hairs in the form of a mustache, thick side burns or anywhere else on your face that you’d rather not have hair, my #1 suggestion would be to DO NOT PLUCK THEM! That is unless you do not have issues with Hyperpigmentation , dark spots caused by the over production of melanin from damage to skin in the form of pimples, bumps, or scratches. This condition is most common in individuals with a darker complexion, but can result in pink scarring in fair skin individuals as well. When you pluck your hairs, it can cause damage at the root of the follicle, which then can lead to hyperpigmentation. Trust me, that’s how I got a few of my own scars.


If you must remove the hair yourself, I’d suggest using a depilatory cream such as Nair, or investing in $10 in a facial hair trimmer. It’s small like a laser pointer and trims eyebrows, sideburns, or whatever facial hair needs trimming, and most important of all, it doesn’t cause hyperpigmentation.

And don’t be embarrassed by your less than ladylike problem. God makes no mistakes and even celebrities suffer from these issues…


Not to put anyone on Blast or anything, but it’s a little nice to know that even the most beautiful women in Hollywood suffer from un-Hollywood like problems.

So how can you get rid of the dark spots once your acne or folliculitis is under control?


There are several products that I’ve used and have seen actual results from. Unfortunately for me, I was not yet committed to the no plucking, no popping rules when it comes to skin problems. And guess what? Yep! Those scars that we’re beginning to fade, came right back! But this time, they are going to be gone for good.


The three products above once helped me fade my scars. The Power Peel by Ole Henrickson and the Alpha Beta Peel by Dr. Dennis Gross are microdermabrasion imitators. They use acids to remove the top layers of skin which over time, can brighten skin tone, and little by little those dark marks are lifted away! This could take some time and $$$!! Cha-Ching! I prefer the Alpha BetA pads by Dr.Dennis gross. That product will most likely be a staple in my skincare arsenal for a while. The Clinique Even Better Dark Spot Corrector is one of the most popular dark spot fading creams. It doesn’t contain the harmful hydroquinone that most fade creams do. It works, BUT IT’S IMPERATIVE to use SPF to prevent the dark marks from reappearing. And it’s also $$$$$ pricey!

And then there are the All-Natural alternatives…


Through a little natural remedy research, I found that by rubbing lemon or lime juice on the dark marks, letting them sit for about 20 minutes and then washing it off, you can get the same effects as an expensive facial
Peel system! Go figure, seems mother nature always has a simpler answer.

. 😉

*UPDATE 12/26/12

I’ve been using lime juice on my face for about a week now and I have to say, my dark spots are lightening. There is one problem though, I did recently start using a Tea Tree dark spot treatment from The Body Shop two weeks ago, so I can’t for sure say the results are strictly from the lime juice. I’d like to think it is only because I didn’t notice any difference in the marks until I started using the lime juice. And not only that but after washing the juice off, my skin feels amazingly smooth! I’m excited to see what another weeks worth of using the citrus juice will do!
Sources: garden of beauty

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26 thoughts on “Dark Spots Begone! Flawless Skin Is Achievable!

    1. Hello, and thank you for commenting. I am going to be honest and say that for me maintaining clear skin will be a lifelong journey. My skin is prone to hyper pigmentation so the smallest pimple could leave a scar for months. I will say though, that my skin looks the best it has ever looked. And, I will be featuring a new product review soon! I was chosen to represent NewBeauty magazine and test out one of the award winning products featured in their magazine. The product is amazing so far and I can’t wait to share my results.

      Do you battle with hyper pigmentation? And if so, what products have you used in the past, and did they work?


      1. Hello

        I have dark spots on my chin and now under my neck. If I don’t pluck my hairs on my face. They turn into pimples. Then when I bust them. I have two or three hairs and one pimple. And when i get the hairs out. I pluck from the root. I don’t know what to do?! I need help.

        Liked by 2 people

      2. Hi Destiny, Thank you for reading. I know how uncomfortable it can be to have ingrown hairs. From what you are describing, I would set up an appointment with a dermatologist. There is a product called Clindamyacin that is a topical acne product. Ask about it, because it can help with the ingrown hairs. Then, once you get the pimples under control, I’d invest in laser hair removal. If you have a medium to dark complexion, you will need to make sure the medspa uses a laser that is safe for darker skin tones. I highly recommend shopping on groupon or living social
        For a good deal. Then, call the spa before purchasing the groupon. Destiny, I hope everything works out for you and once again, thank you for reading!


      3. Hi, I’m Nakia and I suffer from the chin/ neck hairs and hyper-pigmentation. I swear by Proactive repairing lotion. It is like skin crack for me. If they ever stopped selling it, it would likely be my demise :o!! I order it from ebay, as this is the cheapest route. You cant find it in stores. I DO NOT, I repeat, I DO NOT pluck anymore, and haven’t for at least 5 years. I wash my face, shave my hairs, then apply the repairing lotion by Proactiv daily. In all honestly, with this regimen, I have not had an in-grown hair. I have had very very short periods where I’ve run out of the product and I get an ingrown hair but never as complicated as they have been in the past. My hyperpigmentation is surely not resolved, but greatly improved. Now I’m looking for a product specifically to treat hyperpigmentation since I have my ingrown hairs under control.

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      4. Congrats on your skin journey so far! Always recommend to STOP plucking because that is what causes the hyperpigmentation. I’ve had success using the Alpha Beta Peels by Dr. Dennis Gross. Also the Jan Marini line has a skin brightening property that helped fade my scars over time. Thank you for your comment, and goodluck! Sunday I’ll link back to the post with all my favorite skin healing products!


    1. Hi Camilla, in my post “The Products that Didn’t Work” I mentioned some products that I have found to help with fading my dark marks. Though they are not completely gone, They are considerably lighter. You should definitely check out the article and try one of the products mentioned. I am always trying to find new and safe ways to deal with this issue and I hope you and your daughter find something that works for your skin. Thank you for reading!


    1. Hi Steven, first off thanks for stopping by! Second, what ethnicity are you? The color of your skin helps me tremendously in recommending a product. I would suggest you stop the plucking immediately because it will only exacerbate the problem. And no amount of chemicals will make it go away if you continue like you are. I have seen significant results from using an entire skin care system with a peeling agent. I currently use the Jan Marini skin care system. But, because it can be a bit pricey and you only have one spot, I’d recommend doing a Dr.Dennis Gross Alpha Beta peel once to twice per week, along with NOY PLUCKING! Lol. It might take a while (few months) to see a signs any improvement or almost complete fading but it is most definitely worth it. I hope this helps!!


  1. Hi there

    I have hyper pigmentation on my legs from shaving and waxing in the past. Do you have any suggestions for products which I can use on the legs? Instead of facial products?



    1. Hi Jenny,
      Thank you for stopping by the blog! I have no personal experience with removing scar from legs other than letting them fade naturally. I would suggest the Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta peel wipes for your legs. It’s made for your face but it would work the same for your legs. The acids help gently remove the top layer of skin and encourages the growth of new skin cells. It might take a while but I’m sure it would work. Also, I’d suggest stop shaving if it’s giving you marks. Move to a depilatory cream if your skin is not too sensitive, I hope this helps!


  2. Hi an African American woman and I’ve been having ingrown facial hair issues since I can remember. I couldn’t take it any more so I started to shave under my neck and chin area and now it’s a dark fade under my chin all the way down to the middle of my neck. I put makeup over it but it doesn’t seem to work. It’s embarrassing and I’m very self conscious about it. Can you give me some tips on how to get rid of it?


    1. Hi Raquel, Thank you for visiting! My number one suggestion would be to get laser hair removal. There are laser machines that are made for darker complexions and id research a med spa in your city or town that has a laser system that works on African American skin. Also, if you think that’s too expensive, look on groupon.com or living social for really good deals on laser treatments, and then contact those spas to see if they can perform the treatment on African American skin. Once you gotten rid of the hairs, you can then start focusing on fading the hyperpigmentation with at home facial peels and creams. I hope this helps!


  3. hey my Tiffany ,and I have ingrown hair & waxing bumps dark spots under my chin .Been that way for years just got worse as I got older.I’m not to sure of using peel I need something that’s going to work fast .This problems has made me feel so low esteemed to put I stay in the house keep from ppl seeing my face.I’m a dark complexion so it’s noticeable and embarrassing .I’m been reading & Google everything about dark spots but I want to know what can I honestly use for my sensitive skin .There a Super Walmart near by can you tell me what cream can work for me.


    1. Hi Tiffany, have you tried any of the products I have mentioned on the blog? If you search dark spots on my blog you will see numerous articles featuring product reviews. Let me know!


  4. Hi sakeenah. I think I’m the same, any small spot and I’m scarred for life. I’m due to go on holiday in 2 weeks and I’ve been using pfb chromobright for 3 months. It used to be so effective but I think they’ve changed the formula, now not so good. I have awful red shaving spots on my thighs which make me very self conscious, you have any ideas for a quick fix. It’s good to know us ladies aren’t alone in this battle.


    1. Masuda! Thank you so much for reaching out! I know how you feel, but remember it’s a process. You are doing alright! Stay tuned to the blog as I will be revealing more about my skin and products that work for me!


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